Joe C.
Walnut Creek, CA
After a nice afternoon washing and cleaning my car, my lovely 2 year daughter decided to help me by cleaning my BMW... with a stick. After many tears (hers and mine) I searched Yelp and came up with GoodBye Dents. Since the scratches were on the hood, front quarter panel, and the door, I figured I'd give this a try before getting a body shop and insurance involved.

Gene answered the phone right away and told me what he could do, and what the probable results would be. I set up an appointment, and he showed up right on time and proceeded to work on the hood first to see if it met my expectations. I was very relieved to see that unless you were looking for it, you couldn't tell that the hood was ever scratched! I told him to go ahead with the rest of the work and also to fix up the gouges in my lower fog light assembly area where there were some very deep scratches.

In the end, everything looks great, and the color is perfect! It ended up costing $570 to buff out (melt the clear coat vs. repainting) the scratches off of 3 panels, and rework the fog light assembly area. He even buffed out some fingernail scratches from the trunk lid and removed some scratches from the bottom fender where they were visible.

Overall, I'm very pleased and wouldn't hesitate to call him again! He's got my BMW looking like new again, and now I can laugh about my daughter "helping me" vs. taking away her college fund.

Curt L.
Alamo, CA
I texted Genaro a picture of my damaged BMW's front bumper where the corner has paint scratches and gourges. He replied with an estimate and assurance of color match. We set up an appointment, where he came by my home and did the work as promised in a little under 2 hours. Great work, I highly recommend Genaro.

Victoria H.
Walnut Creek, CA
I needed to get my (white) bumper painted (red) quickly in order to sell the car. I called on a Wednesday, had a quote Thursday and the whole thing done by noon Saturday.
Genaro was on time and did a fantastic job. I would absolutely recommend GoodBye Dents!

Elaine S.
Lafayette, CA
Genaro is an expert at what he does. I have a two-month old car and was rear-ended by an elderly gentleman. You know the story; they don't want you to go through their insurance. Long story short, Genaro came out, gave me a fair estimate and completed the work the same day. I was concerned about matching the color; Genaro put my mind at ease, he showed me where the color formula is for my car and matched it perfectly. I would recommend Good Bye Dents to anyone!

Dan R.
Santa Cruz, CA
I had a small fender bender the night before and searched Yelp for auto body repair the same night. I called them the first thing in the morning and was able to schedule an appointment and get my car fixed the same day.

GoodBye Dents has 5stars for a reason as Genaro is equally knowledgable and skilled with repairs. I'm thankful and more than satisfied with the results for the price of his service.

I've already recommended him to coworkers and his business card will be on my refridge just in case there's a next time.

Brian R.
Walnut Creek, CA
Convenience, quality, and great pricing. The convenience of not having my car for however many days a body shop is going to need it alone is a major advantage. Genaro removed a nasty scuff on my bumper and it looks great. the price was significantly lower than a body shop would have charged me.

Genaro is an honest and quality oriented professional. I will be using Goodbye Dents in the future.

Roseann H.
San Rafael, CA
Late one night coming home from work, I ran over some debris from road construction on Hwy. 101 in Marin Co. When I got home, I saw that my lower left bumper had a grapefruit-sized dent with multiple scratches surrounding it and a yellow reflector near the dent had become loose in its housing.

GoodBye Dents pulled out the dent, buffed out the scratches and fit the reflector back in place and the repair looks perfect. All done in 30 minutes!!

Great service with great prices!

Los Angeles, CA
The service is absolutely AMAZING! I dented my mom's car yesterday, and I called Goodbye Dents about 10 minutes after reading their great Yelp reviews. Most auto-body shops are closed on the weekends, so I was freaking out because I needed this dent fixed ASAP.
Goodbye Dents was SO efficient and helpful. I was able to text them pictures of the damage, and they provided me a very reasonable price quote over the phone. Because my case was an emergency, GD made an exception to give me a last minute appointment. Showed up exactly on time at 8AM, gave me their honest opinion, and went straight to work. I cannot tell you how relieved I am. Goodbye Dents saved my life!! Not even exaggerating. I'm going to recommend them to everyone I know.

Ron R.
Lafayette, CA
My wife backed her Lexus SUV into a retaining wall, scraping the rear bumper and leaving the beautiful black paint scarred. Additionally, she had accumulated several dings from parking next to people who don't seem to care about other's cars.

Genaro did a beautiful job of filling, sanding, and repainting the affected part of the bumper, as well as popping out all of the dings -- all at a very fair price, much less than going to a body shop. He's honest, reliable and a hard worker... admirable traits in today's economy.

He gets our highest rating!!!