Minor Dents & Scratches

Car scratch repair and car dent removal can be a delicate process. Depending on the type of body damage to your car, the severity of damage to the paint job from a scratch, the techniques used with Goodbye Dents produce the best results and most affordable rates! Prior to the work, a quick assessment should be done to the car. An over-the-phone conversation will quickly help us identify the severity of the work required and we’ll arrive to your location when our techniques are your best solution.

We use factory specifications when mixing the paint for your car. Using a code attached to every car, we use a computer to blend the right colors, which may include metallic paint, to give you a factory finish on your car. Paint spray is usually minimal, performed on open air. Finish is practically seamless.

Goodbye Dents takes pride in the work and quality provided to our clients. Every case is taken through the best process and techniques to accomplish the task of restoring your car, down to the paint color and finish.

Goodbye Dents serves the San Francisco Bay Area and East Bay. Don’t hesitate and call now for estimates!


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