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Can you match the paint color?

Yes, absolutely! This is the most important part of the repair. This is accomplished by not only carefully & accurately mixing the color, but by “blending” or fading the color into an adjacent undamaged area of the car. The smaller the damage, the less we have to paint and by applying the color in this carefully blended way makes your car look like it wasn’t ever in an accident, which is what you really want from a mobile body shop. Blending the paint is the gentle, careful application of the color, sprayed beyond the damaged area, fading it into your old pre-existing paint, locking down the new colored paint in place by applying clear over the top of the damaged area and over the blended panels.

Obviously, properly mixing the paint color in relation to your car’s paint code, then tinting and adjusting the mixed color to further fine tune it to your car, is important too, but blending is the key to undetectable color matches. All paint manufacturers state that their formulas are “blendable” matches. If you think of each little metallic flake as a tiny mirror laying on the surface of your paint job, the way these tiny mirrors land on the surface of your car and reflect light dictates the color your eye sees. As each coat of color is applied, these metallic flakes lay on the surface slightly different. This difference becomes very apparent if you spray new color to the very end of the panel, then just stop, vs. blending or fading the same color a bit further into the pre-existing old color already on your car.

The age of car is also a big factor and may make spot blending your car difficult, where we cannot guarantee a near-perfect match. We see these problems on cars that are 5 years or older, or the car has weathered from parking it outdoors in the sun. To avoid this problem, many body shops offer to paint more than the damaged panel to blend the other panels to the new paint color. This, of course, means more money out of your pocket.


What is a spot job?

A “spot job” is a technique used to repair minor scratches on bumpers or metal panels. This technique works better on certain areas of the damaged panel. This unique paint process allows technicians to spot blend an isolated damaged area rather than painting an entire panel. Spot blending a panel is not always suggested over a complete repaint, but it will save you time and money. Many of our clients use this solution when selling their car, when they aren’t looking for a high-price auto body shop cost, lease returns, or just to save money. A spot job repair on a bumper is suggested for damages on the left side or right of the bumper, at the bottom or next to the wheel well. We don’t suggest a spot job for damages in the middle area of a bumper or with pearl 3-stage paint jobs.


How long does it take to do a bumper or a panel repair?

Depending on the damaged bumper or panel; scratches, dents, scuffs or cracks, repair time generally is between 1 1/2 – 3 hours.


How soon can I wash my car?

We suggest waiting 5 days to wash, do not wax for 2 weeks. This is recommended so that the new paint and clear coat dries and adheres better to your car.


Do you give a warranty your work?

Yes we do! We also offer a lifetime warranty on all repairs for as long as you own your vehicle, and if it has not been hit or damaged.

We will not consider rock chips, cracking, or spider web crack as part of the warranty coverage, since generally this will happen after a new direct impact on a bumper.